Namibia rejects German colonial Compensation offer

Namibia rejects German colonial Compensation offer

Namibia rejected German colonial Compensation offer. Deutschland was prepared to give ten million euros as reparation. The proposal for crimes in the colonial Era was turned down as unacceptable by the Namibian government. The reason is obviously not the money alone.

Namibia was categorical in their dismisal of an offer of compensation from Germany in the negotiations to come to bring closure to the colonial era. For President Hage Geingob, paying ten million euros in reparation is still “unacceptable,” the newspaper “The Namibian” quoted the president’s advisor, Alfredo Hungary.

Geingob himself tweeted that he had been made aware of the status of the discussions and had proposed that the negotiations continue. “We remain determined in completing this key mission,” he wrote.

Among other things, the designation of the compensation as reparations is controversial. Geingob stated that the federal government opposes the use of the term because it had also been avoided in Berlin’s negotiations with the Israeli government on reparations for Holocaust victims.

Geingob rejected an alternative term suggested by the federal government. The terminology will therefore remain the subject of the negotiations, declared Namibia’s head of state.

Berlin and Windhoek have been negotiating an agreement since 2015 which, in addition to an official German apology for the colonial crimes, should also contain commitments for development aid.

Between 1900 and 1910, thousands of members of the Nama and Herero ethnic groups were massacred by German troops under German colonial rule in what is now Namibia. Historians rate the massacre as the first genocide of the 20th century.
Germany has acknowledged that there were atrocities during colonial rule. So far, there is no official apology or compensation for it.

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