Senator Sakaja arrested at ladies lounge

Sakaja arrested and threatens police

There was drama at Kilimani Police Station when Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was arrested for breaking the curfew law. Police pounced on him and his friends at 2 am which was way past curfew deadline of 9 pm.

Kilimani Police Station had received information that Ladies lounge was operating after curfew hours and the patrons were noisy. The Officer commanding the station then sent a squad to check out the place.

The crew on reaching the club, found 10 people drinking outside the club and among them was Johnson Sakaja, the Nairobi Senator. The officer in charge asked the patrons to leave but they declined and insulted and threatened the police officers.

This prompted the officer to call the regional orderly officer Mr. Asambasa who tried to plead with the senator to leave but it was all in vain

The police officers were overwhelmed and called for back up. The Deputy OCPD, Mr. Adan, joined the team when Hon. Sakaja became violent and became out of control.

The officer were forced to arrest the senator and his friends who refused to obey the police and flouted the lockdown guidelines.

Some of the senators compatriots took off during the raid and escaped arrests. At the police station, more drama followed as Sakaja refused to be booked and demanded his phone. He also threatened to transfer the policemen within 24 hours but the police were unmoved

The honorable senator has come under heavy pressure and criticism. He is the Chairman of the ad-hoc committee on Covid-19 and was flouting the same rules his team created.

The courts fined him Kshs 15000. Netizens complained that this was less than Sakaja used at ladies lounge.

Kenyans looked up to him for leadership in fighting the pandemic which is at it’s peak in the County he represents. The magistrate added “much was expected from Hon. Sakaja and the court appreciates that he stepped aside from the committee.”
“The fine for flouting Covid-19 rules is Ksh 20,000 or a 6 months imprisonment.”
“However, being a first offender I will consider fining him Ksh 15,000 or 3 months in prison,” the court ordered.

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