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Mother in Germany drugs and suffocates her 5 children.

Mother in Germany drugs and suffocates her 5 children

A mother in Germany drugged and suffocated her 5 children. The woman identified as Christiane K. (27) wrote this to her mother on Thursday in a text message from Solingen, Send the police into the apartment, the children are dead. “

According to the autopsy results, Christiane K. has anesthetized and suffocated five of her children! The bodies of Luca († 8), Timo († 6), Sophie († 3), Leonie († 2) and Melina († 1) were discovered in the family’s apartment on Thursday afternoon.

They lay lifeless in their beds. “The breakfast bowls were still on the table,” said Marcel Maierhofer, head of the homicide squad.

The time of the crime was between the afternoon of September 2 and 11 a.m. on September 3.

The mother was taken to hospital seriously injured after attempting suicide. She had thrown herself in front of a train. The woman has since been issued with an arrest warrant for murder in five cases.

Heribert Kaune-Gebhardt from the Wuppertal Public Prosecutor’s Office said: “All five children have indications of suffocation and indications of sedation.” A toxicological report must clarify which substances Christiane K. administered to her children.

She probably committed the act in a state of emotional overload, ”said Marcel Maierhofer from the homicide squad. Christiane K. is said to have lived separately from the father (28) of four of the children for a few months. Again and again there was trouble and police operations

On Thursday Christiane K. is said to have taken the oldest child Marcel (11) out of school under a pretext. Then she drove the boy to Düsseldorf, from there sent him on to Grandma in Mönchengladbach on his own. The other five children were already dead at the time.

Marcel survived. So far he has only described what happened to classmates. The investigators have not yet been able to interrogate the boy. He is currently with his grandma, who also alerted the police.

Christiane K. confessed to her mother by text message about the crime. “Send the police into the apartment, the children are dead,” she wrote. Marcel was sitting in the train on the way to his grandma’s.

She was still 20 minutes on the platform in Düsseldorf. Then she threw herself in front of an approaching train. According to the police, she suffered “internal but not life-threatening injuries

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