Moses Kuria Exposed For Giving Contracts To His Brothers

Moses Kuria Stealing Brothers exposed

Moses Kuria and family are trending on Twitter and not for good reason. Netizens have exposed him for allocating for allocating his family tenders under the trend #kuriasstealingbrothers.

Moses Kuria’s brother, Aloise Kinyanjui Kuria, a director at Finish line construction company was awarded contracts worth Kshs 32 million.

Aloise is also a director at Smith and gold production Limited. The company was awarded contracts by Moi University allegedly through the influence of the DP worth a whopping Kshs 1.5 billion.

Charles Regeru Nguru, who is another brother of Moses Kuria’s, is a director of Mwaura Timber Yard Limited was a beneficiary of contracts worth Kshs 15.7.

Jane Muthoni Regeru a sister in law to Moses Kuria, Teresia Mwihaki Regeru a niece to Moses Kuria and another niece, Lucy Wambui Regeru are directors at Lujatech Enterprises limited were awarded two contracts worth Ksh10.2 million.

Two other brothers of Moses Kuria, John Ngige Kuria, and James Kogi Kuria are directors of Supreme Traders Limited. Walter Kilonzo is also a director at the company.

Supreme Traders Limited was incorporated just three months after Moses Kuria became an MP on November 5, 2014, at 11.05 am under CPR/2014/166757.

Gatundu South NGCDF awarded the company a tender for work at Matunguru Secondary School worth Ksh5,808,468.

John Ngige Kuria, Monica, Ngonyo Ngend’o, and Walter are again directors of another company called NUMERICAL STRENGTH LTD.

This one was incorporated just a week after Moses Kuria was sworn in as Member of Parliament on August 15, 2014, at 3.36 pm. This was just after his first term. The address of the company is Contrast House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi. The company benefited from 2 Gatundu NGCDF contracts worth Ksh31,525,120. These were, Guitare Secondary School Ksh 5,995,485, Muhoho High School Ksh25,529,635.

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