Military Lesbian Couple Detained And Summoned To Court Martial

Military Lesbian Couple Detained And to face court martial

A Ghanaian military lesbian couple who got married over the weekend are reportedly detained and court-martialed.

In videos shared online before their arrest, the two looked happy as they danced together as their guests congratulated them.

The event led to mixed opinions on social media, as many questioned why such an “ungodly and abominable” event would be allowed in this West African country.

According to Ghana Celebrities, one of the military lesbian couple denied marrying his partner and claimed that the ceremony was not a wedding as reported by the media.

Military Lesbian Couple in an embrace

According to local media, the military command is seriously investigating the matter to determine whether or not it was a wedding ceremony, but in the meantime, a soldier is accused of giving her uniform to a civilian.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are not yet legalized in Ghana as in many African countries and are punishable by law.

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