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Mike Sonko congratulates Martin Wabora

Sonko congratulates Martin Wambora

Nairobi’s former Governor Mike Sonko has congratuIated H.E. Martin Wambora on his election as the new Chairman of the Council of Governors. In a written statement, Sonko expressed his trust as the Council’s chair at a time when “devolution is under siege from the state where Senate operations have been compromised.”

Sonko stated his trust in Wabora’s tough skin leadership having survived three impeachment attempts previously.

“I believe he has what it takes to defend the independence of counties, and I wish him well as he steers the Council to defend and protect the gains Kenyans have made since the advent of Devolution eight years ago.”

The impeached Governor also threw a jab to his detractors who ochestrated his ouster reiterating, “I was not born in politics, neither were my parents known leaders. I thank God for the blessings he has accorded me, my family and a few supporters.

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