Mike Sonko Backstabbed By MCAs

Mike Sonko Backstabbed By MCAs

Sonko hired choppers for MCAS.
Took them to one of the best hotels on Diani.

He gave the MCAS First class treatment, the most expensive whiskeys and wines.

They were on a 150,000 each per day.
Strippers and concubines were ferried from TZ to entertain them.

The MCAs were made to carry placards in a show of solidarity. There phones were confiscated and they were issued with new gadgets.

The impeached governor hired private security men to watch their every moves and make sure none stepped out of line.

He installed private wifi for the MCAS to use. But by the end of the day, one by one, they made their way to toilets and FIRED him VIA ZOOM. Technology is brutal

God is the only friend

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