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Man Kills his lover and sets body ablaze

Man kills wife

A man 35 accused of killing his girlfriend and then setting her body on fire before burying her in a shallow grave in his compound in Kieni Village in Kirinyaga Central County last night.

Police are looking for the suspect, Murimi Wanjobi, who is a landscaper. He is said to have come home with a new catch, a Tanzanian woman, and spend the night in their two bedroomed house on Wednesday.

On Thursday he started digging a huge hole inside his compound and claimed it a pit latrine. Later in the night, Wanjobi, who is a teetotaler turned on his girlfriend and killed her before burying her on the hole he had dug during the day.

Kirinyaga Central sub-county Police Commander, Doreen Odour said, Wanjobi then set the body on fire before burying it in the hole he had dug during the day.

“The assailant set the body of his lover on fire using the victim’s clothes and a Tyre he got from his father’s compound before he buried it.” said the sub-county Commander.

Blood was found in the assailant’s bedroom but police have yet to confirm whether it belongs to the girlfriend.

“The assailant murdered the girlfriend inside his bedroom and blood was slatted all over the house. We are yet to establish how she was killed and we will find out once the body is exhumed,” she said

The sub-county Commander said that she was called by Wanjobi’s father on Thursday at about 10.00 am. The father said that last night at around 7.00 pm he had heard a loud explosion inside his son’s compound and he went to check. He found a Tyre and clothes burning but did not think much of it.

“My other son went to spray coffee on a nearby farm and he saw a grave filled with soil. He then immediately informed me and when we dug in a little we were shocked to see a lef and reported the matter to the police.” the father said.

Police have asked for anyone with information on the whereabouts of Wanjobi, to volunteer information

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