Makueni County Assembly Should Impeach Kibwana After Recess


In 2018/19 financial year Governor Kibwana spent zero on development according controller of budget reports. The same year the Auditor general’s report glorified him for having a clean audit report. Kibwana used it as a platform to launch presidential campaigns pitting him in conflict with Wiper Party leadership.

When I published an article and sarcastically called him a LEARNED IDIOT for investing in PR strunts while our people suffer they got me arrested. How do you boast of having clean audit while having spend zero on development??? The answer is clear Kibwana gets it right in financial audits coz he spends nothing on his peoples welfare but huge salaries, posh cars and hefty allowances on his staff. All six previous audit report betray him; misappropriation,reallocation, skewed procurements and misuse of public funds.

Now Kibwana is in the same shit again and you should be forgiven for calling him wise. He has spend zero on development in 2020 and as usual he blames Wiper leaders for his downfall. Who didnt see governors by-pass the Senate and engage the President directly on matters revenue allocation? Who doesn’t know the role Makueni Senator played in solving the crisis.

I call Makueni County Assembly to consider impeaching Governor Kibwana lest we spend zero on develop in the next financial year. Makueni deserves better that what Kibwana can offer and it is not too late for a change guard.

~ Musoma JM🕸️

Makueni has not spend money on development

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