Luhya leaders unity initiative is not genuine

Luhya leader unity initiative handshake

The Luhya leaders unity initiative is not genuine. Leaders from the region should not use it as a guise to install themselves as the Luhya kingpin.

Kenyans need national unity and that should be the main focus. We need a nation where, where if I decide to settle in North Eastern, Western, Eastern or at the coast I should realize an equitable distribution of development and resources.

The revival of the sugar industry and writing off loans is a total sham. Mumias sugar factor alone has over Kshs 20 billion in terms of debts. What happens to the farmers, contractors, workers and other stakeholders are owed billions?

Some of the ingenious individuals are using the Luhya leaders unity initiative to earn themselves cabinet slots in the expected reshuffle. The selfish leaders should be reminded that serving and empowering the community should be the strict priority of our leaders. What we are witnessing now is a charade in the name of uniting the community.

I find no excitement in BBI as compared to the shear sycophancy exhibited in the previous referendum bids. MCAs from all the 47 counties will most likely oppose the report. The recent bill that made it easy to recall MCAs will fuel this.

Early this year on the 14th of February, the County Assemblies Forum (CAF) opposed the establishment of regional governments. They saw it as a scheme by county governors serving their final terms in office to save their political careers.

CAF supports economic blocs as vehicles for fostering investment as per the forum outlined in a document submitted to the BBI steering committee. Ekuro Aukot presented to Kenyans a sober referendum. Deep state rejected it because of the perception that he would gain political milage.

BBI is a vehicle by Uhuru Kenyatta to remain in power. He has roped in his ‘elder brother’ in this drive. The Luhya leaders unity initiative should not be used to keep Uhuru in power. Uhuru should go home!

If Uhuru has done well, he should give Kenyans the opportunity to sing his praises as they point out his works. If he has not done well, he should give Kenyans a break.

Luhyas are united and should not be used for parochial endeavours

By Litunya

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