Tangatanga Social Media Influencers Take Kenyans For Fools

By Philip Etale

I am writing this post as a peace loving Kenyan and a believer in & respecter of the Rule of Law.
Some years back, when the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) discovered that their land next to Wilson Airport had been grabbed by a private developer and a state of the art hotel built on the same parcel, they took it upon themselves to move to court seeking to reclaim their land.

It was a protracted legal battle of many interests. It was later discovered that a top government official was behind the grabbing of the land. The matter is still alive in court (if I am not wrong).

That was not politics. The KCAA was just demanding their land back.
There has been this case about the Ksh. 3 billion Ruaraka land. For the records, I am not speaking for Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i or any other person on this.

I read in the newspapers and watched on news about the Ruaraka land saga. Dr. Matiang’i was summoned to appear before the Senate Public Investments and Accounts Committee (PIAC) as were other players. He appeared, grilled and the final report exonerated him from any involvement.

Now, I have been seeing a pattern of tantrums, innuendos and hatred being leveled against him over and over again with regard to this matter anytime he does something positive and receives public accolade.

When the KCAA moved to court seeking to reclaim their land, the state agency did it in good faith and wanted to follow the legal channel rather than make wild allegations and involved in character assassination. That is allowed in LAW.

I have been seeing a section of social media influencers resort to propaganda, hate and hocus-pocus on anyone they believed not to sing to their political tune. To them, anyone who sings a different song other than their composition should be treated as their enemy number one.

H.E. Raila Odinga is one such a person. He has been called names, insulted and demonized every time he pointed out the ills committed by those in power. He was referred to as the Lord of Poverty, the enemy of development, a mganga name them. He chose to let others do it. No one has the balls to do what Mr. Odinga can do. None.

The social media influencers continue to engage in mere claptrap instead of making the bold move that any law abiding citizen would do.

I urge those engaged in the gibberish to spare Kenyans the noise, move to court and prefer legal charges against the Interior CS over his involvement in the Ruaraka land scandal. Infact, if the courts find him blameworthy, he will be sentenced to jail or be compelled to return the money that they purport him to have stolen. They say, Dr. Matiang’i controls the police, does he also control the courts? Go to court.

The said social media influencers are majorly allied to the Tangatanga wing of the ruling party. In that wing, there are many legislators who understand the law. If they truly believe Dr. Matiang’i was involved in the Ruaraka Land scandal, they should implore upon the law makers on their side to petition him on the floor of the house, move a motion of no confidence in him and declare him unfit to hold a public office. By so doing, Kenyans will believe them.

Hatred, abhorrence and social media attacks won’t win anyone votes. Lets be factual and where legal redress is needed, lets explore it.

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