Jalang’o Set To Rival Mainstream Media With His Own TV Channel

Jalang’o Mwenyewe

After leaving the Kenyatta family-owned Mediamax stable, comedian Felix Odiwuor popularly known to many as Jalang’o has revealed that he will be launching a television station on Youtube.

The project is already on the works and he has been focusing on building it. Jalang’o’s YouTube channel that continues to grow each day under the brand name “Bonga a Jalas”


Bonga na Jalas currently has an impressive 106,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. The comedian revealed that because of its fast growth that he was going to turn it into a youtube television station.

“With the channel’s fast growth, what if we made it even bigger and better? Bonga na Jalas and the interviews that I conduct, will be just a segment in the Youtube channel and we will have other segments,” he said.

Jalang’o requested aspiring comedians, news anchor’s and presenters to send in clips of their work.


“If you think you have a talent, we need somebody to do news, another one does sports, a comedian of the day and another doing reviews,” he added

Jalang’o who did quit Mediamax last week, stated that he wanted to create opportunities for people who had the opportunity to showcase their talents.

“If you think you have a talent and can host something, contact me, just comment down here and tell me what you are good at and I will send a number where you will be able to send a one-minute clip of you doing your thing,” he wrote

He is pleased to inform his fans that his YouTube channel had already attracted advertisers and more would be coming on board.

The comedian went on social media to reveal his resignation, informed his fans that his decision because of a contractual dispute with his former employer, Mediamax Network Limited.

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