Lessons from Ann Waiguru’s impeachment

Ann Waiguru dancing to a traditional beat

Impeachment or vote of no confidence in any democracy is a political process and can be used as a card/weapon. It can be used against your political enemy to if she/he has no numbers to smear their reputations to the public as a person of no integrity where’r at the same time the person if having numbers can use it to uphold her/his integrity and reputation. At times It is more of a public opinion court where perceptions are created for or against the person.

Impeachment is about numbers and not necessarily about guilt or innocence, corrupt or not. This process is prone to outside influence or interference depending on the political inclination or affiliation.
Let’s take for instance Waiguru’s case, had she managed to Marshall enough numbers to defeat the motion of her impeachment, It wouldn’t have meant that she is innocent or guilty but numbers.

When you reason that the Senate has been instructed to save Waiguru, you may be right or wrong but that is allowed in politics, It is just total foolishness to argue or make it look like MCA’s in their actions may have not been/cannot be compromised or influenced by other factors disguised or hiding behind the interest of the people of Kirinyaga.

This process started at the County Assembly. People sitting there are politicians just like the ones in the Senate. Some people have made it look like the MCA’S were so Angelic in their actions and senators are the devils

The MCA’S performed their constitutional mandate which must be respected and respect in this case doesn’t mean upholding their verdict but even by declining the same. Let Senate also perform it’s mandate too.

I believe in Kenya, all these impeachments and reinstatements has had nothing to do with guilt or innocence but pure politics at play and numbers matter even in the past.
For instance, today, if an impeachment motion against the Deputy President was to be brought forth in the national Assembly, you know the obvious that would happen interms of the voting patterns; would be as per their affiliations or inclinations. (Ofcourse the Ayes would have it)

In the USA, Donald Trump was impeached by the House of representatives where Democrats had numbers but the impeachment did not see the light of the day in the Senate where Republican is the majority. It never meant that he was innocent of the charges but the party politics took over the issues. His impeachment in the House of representatives also never meant that he was guilty or innocent of charges as well.

If you indeed care and mind so much about the people of Kirinyaga then Irregardless of the outcome, nothing stops you the MCA’S individually now not in your official capacity or anyone else from taking this matter to a court of law with competent judges who are not politicians like you or the senators so that justice can be done to the people of Kirinyaga and the governor.

By Baraka Juma

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