Lesbian Teacher and her lover arrested while making love in drunken stupor in Meru

Lesbian couple

A female teacher and her lesbian lover have been arrested in Githongo of Meru County after they were found making love in the full glare of their students, who are at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The lesbians who had spent the night at a drinking at Githongo shopping center. Villager in the sleepy were woken up by screaming students who witnessed them engaging in the indecent act in their drunken stupor

John Taurus, the Imenti Central Police boss confirmed to lion Net News about the incident. Taurus said the suspect Catherine Naitore, aged 38 and her lover 48-year-old Kellen Kagwiria a primary school teacher, in the full glare of minors committed the indecent act.

The two have been remanded until Monday to enable police to complete investigations. They will answer to three charges being idle and disorderly, causing a common nuisance and practicing the unnatural act of having carnal knowledge against the normal order of nature, the police boss said.

In other news Police Nyayo high-rise estate along Mbagathi highway, have arrested a man who has been stealing women’s bras and panties.

The man confessed that he steals them to smell them whenever he feels depressed.

Also in Mbagathi, a 33-year-old woman committed suicide but the family believe that there was foul play.

Isaac Muasya, the brother of the deceased says that he was told to report at the hospital but was not informed for what reason. On getting at the hospital, he was shocked to be told that her sister, Carolyne Nthambi had passed on.

Another distraught sister of the deceased, Stella Ways, said that the sister did not have a serious condition nor Covid19. Speaking to Lion Net News, she wondered why the doctors stood by and watched as her sister committed suicide

The family has promised to camp at the hospital until they see the body of their loved one

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