Legal Dispute Looming in Messi’s Contract Situation

Legal dispute looming in Messi's contract situation

There is a legal dispute looming in Messi’s contract situation. “Can you risk it?” stands on an advertising sign with Messi’s likeness. Lionel Messi dared. He wants to leave Barça.

Lionel Messi and his lawyers claim he made timely use of his clause and terminated his contract, but FC Barcelona object. The contractual situation is tricky and complicated. Now a legal battle could decide Messi’s future.

Lionel Messi’s already infamous burofax, it plays an essential role in everything that followed and will follow. Because, as it turned out, electronic registered mail was more than just a change request, it was much more a notification of the intention to change. Messi told FC Barcelona in writing and officially certified that he wanted to leave the club, citing a contractual clause that allows him to change, provided that he announces this in good time.

This is exactly what Messi did on the advice of his lawyers by sending the burofax. In the Messis camp, this message is seen as a timely message in order to be able to change free of charge as contractually agreed. But FC Barcelona sees it very differently. As a reminder: Messi had a unilateral termination clause in the contract in the 2019/20 season, according to the club this expired on June 10. So now his fixed release clause of 700 million euros applies again, that’s how the club sees it.

For Messi and his lawyers, the deadline for the unilateral termination of the working paper has not expired on this date due to the Corona circumstances, after all, the season was extended to August. It is argued: the point of the contract is that Messi explains after the end of the season whether he wants to continue at Blaugrana. Corona has postponed the season, so the end of the season was only in August after the Champions League final. Therefore, Messi has met the deadline and terminated the employment relationship on time “at the end of the season”, as is also anchored in the working paper. The question now is: what is the end of the season?

Will Manchester City overcome the legal dispute looming in Messi’s contract situation? Barça stands firm, and continue to claim that a clause set in the contract cannot simply be postponed. The cancellation deadline is June 10th, but Messi has not complied with it. So the question is: Is Messi – should he refuse to train for Barça and run up – guilty of breach of contract, or are his lawyers right? The whole thing, which is already ugly, could become even uglier, it could lead to a legal dispute between the two parties.

This is also about Spanish labor law, because all the clauses in the contracts of football players and clubs are based on it. The risk for the receiving club is therefore that a court will agree that FC Barcelona is right, then the new club Messis would be obliged to transfer the 700 million euros to Barça, Messi could also be suspended by FIFA and the new club with a transfer – Prohibition to be considered. Should it be decided in favor of Messi, he would be free transfer.

Therefore, the situation and thus a possible transfer for an interested club is currently more than delicate, not to say: too hot. A legal dispute can and will certainly drag on for months, which cannot be in the interests of the player or the new club.

The risk for Manchester City, for example, would be enormous, which is why all sides naturally strive for an out-of-court settlement. All sides except for Barcelona and President Josep Maria Bartomeu. Because he continues to insist that Messi is not for sale and is not allowed to change.

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