Lakeside Man Hires Chopper, To Beat The Lock-down To Propose To His Sweetheart

Luo Man Hires Chopper to propose to wife, Jared Otieno
Maxwell Oketch lands to meet his fiance

Social media has gone berserk after a man from the lakeside brought Murang’a to a standstill as he leased a chopper from Wilson Airport to beat the lock-downs to propose to his long time girlfriend.

Maxwell Oketch beat the stringent restrictions and the bad weather and Covid19 restrictions to propose to his longtime girlfriend.

The man of mean flew over a couple police roadblocks before landing in style at Kabati, Murang’a county. His shell-shocked Damsel could not hide her surprise as she shed tears of joy.

The episode left tongues wagging among the Villagers in sleepy location of Kabati. Most of them said they had only seen a chopper on television.

In 2015, another Lakeside Mogul, Jared Otieno equally shocked Meru when he landed at Dr. Mwiti’s home accompanied by 4 choppers to pay dowry surfaced on line.

Meru town was abuzz with talk of the money guzzlers as his flamboyant friends escorted him to deliver his dowry, a story they still talk of today. It is estimated that he spend over Kshs 15 million for the pre-wedding party.

Maxwell Oketch, who broke the monotony of the Covid-19 pandemic, plan to marry his sweetheart as soon as the Corona Virus is controlled.

Maxwell Oketch with his fiance
Maxwell Oketch proposes to his fiance

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