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Kivutha Kibwana Takes Swipe At Kalonzo Musyoka

Kalonzo is using Uhuru’s Ukambani tour to revive his dwindling political and he won’t make to change the mind of the people of Ukambani region.

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has taken a swipe at Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and who is the failure of Ukambani region for the last 35yrs while in government for what he said was using Uhuru’s upcoming Ukambani tour to revive his dwindling political fortunes and he won’t make it because the people of lower Eastern Region have already shifted from his failure party to the Kamba defacto Leader Hon Johnson Muthama and who is the Chairman of United Democratic Alliance UDA party for the better achievement of the entire region.Kibwana said.

Kibwana noted that the time Wiper Party boss failed to be concern with the pour roads across the Lower Eastern Region in different Constituencies eg, Tsekuru -Tharaka Ward Road,Waita Road in Mwingi,Kibwest East Constituency to Emali Town, Kitui East Constituency Road which move from Kitui town to Zombe Mwitika-Endau for the tarmack road when he was the Vice president,Minister of foreign affairs and other ministries under the leadership of Hon late Daniel Moi and the former president Mr Mwaii Kibaki that is when the people of lower Eastern Region lost their trust with him and they can’t and they will never trust him at all with his political career. He said.

Eventually, Wiper Party boss political future in Ukambani region and the whole country at large will end in premium tears next year because I can’t see how you can be rejected by three quarter of your own region as well some leaders from lower Eastern Region and your still having the dream of becoming the president of the republic of Kenya.

This is the time,hour,day,month and the year for the Kamba community at large to walk away and resist and refused the polarization of our Lower Eastern Region along ethnic lines and join hands together and follow the leaders who are ready to change the leadership of our region like the Kamba defacto Leader Hon Johnson Muthama 3governors, Mp Nimrond Mbai, Kawaya, Munyaka and other leaders from the region.

Governor Kibwana also added that he will be welcoming president Uhuru and that he will be presenting a memorandum on the issues the Makueni people have.


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