Kitui County University & College Student Leaders Condemns Governor Charity Ngilu

Governor Charity Ngilu

We’re Browned off by the indecent act by the bogus and the controversial Governor Kaluki Ngilu. She’s preying on the vulnerability of the youth to use and abuse them to advance her political agenda.

It’s More lugubrious that the governor is using youth to demonstrate . Those who work in KICOTEC were coerced to take part in the demonstrations . They had been threatened to be sacked in they didn’t participate. That’s why they were leading from the front.

The governor blurts that the county assembly is using draconian measures to sabotage her administration. It’s a lie. She’s also busy accusing wiper party of using their numbers to frustrate her . This is also very far from the truth.

As University students from Kitui county, it’s abominable for the governor to misuse and mislead the youth.

We’re aware that the county assembly is executing its constitutional mandate; oversight and legislation. The county government should operate with strict adherence to the Public Finance Management Act. The county assembly is Mandated to ensure full constitutionalism in County Executive operations.

We appreciate the judicious move when the county assembly approved budget for setting up KICOTEC and stone crusher. The initial agenda was was good.

It’s expected that KICOTEC should be self-sustaining. This can be attested in the fact that KICOTEC has been giving multi million tenders by the national government and private enterprises. These includes: printing of chiefs uniforms, police uniforms among others .

To this far, the profits from the firm are enough to sustain the factory and open other branches in Mutomo and Mwingi.

However, this is in contrary. The county assembly was bewildered to see governor pleading for allocation of more money to find KICOTEC and expand it to Mwingi and Mutomo. This should have been done by the proceeds from the firm’s business with the national government.

This has aroused curiosity and doubts on the operations of this firm .

We thank the county assembly for averting any lose of funds through questionable projects like KICOTEC.

The youth should understand that they are being mislead and misused by Ngilu. Ngilu is banking millions for her personal use .

Why should Ngilu bludgeon the county assembly to approve expenditures on questionable projects?

The county assembly is absolved of any blame . The governor should acquiesce that she’s the one hoarding youth jobs . The profits from KICOTEC are enough to open new branches in all the constituencies of kitui South. But the governor is inciting the youth that the county assembly is the problem . No .

We urge the youth to think outside the box. They should understand that Ngilu has a sinister agenda for the youth . We should unite , speak in one voice and annihilate the bland leadership of Ngilu.
Ngilu should do honourable thing and resign. Fake and disagrace to women leadership.

Signed by

1.Henry Mulyungi from mutito, kitui east (president , Egerton university)

  1. Tabby Racheal, from mbitini, kitui rural, (Kenya University students Organization, president)

3.Simba Kyalo, chairman Makima, from kanyangi kitui rural (Kenyatta university),

4.Alvin Muema from kabati, kitui west ,( president , Mount Kenya university)

5.Mwaniki From Kyuso mwingi North (president , chuka university),

6.Trump Wa ukamba (finance minister, from Ikutha, kitui south ~The East Africa university),

  1. Jeff Kilonzo from Miambani Kitui central ( president, Masinde Muliro university).

8.Charles Mitau, Kivou, mwingi central ( Chairman of kamba Association , Technical university of Mombasa)*
9.Brian Amos sec. General Moi University kamba association, from Kabati, kitui west.

  1. Fransis Musakue, Pwani University, kyangwithya, kitui central.

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