“Killing Eve”, Series Inspired Lawrence Warunge To Kill His Family

Jodie Comer, the psychopathic assassin Villanelle, in the British murky comedy-drama investigative thriller TV series, Killing Eve, inspired, Lawrence Simon Warunge. The disturbed University student planned to murder all his family members on Saturday, January 2.

Warunge, 22,0 admitted to the murder of his parents, a farmhand, and two siblings. He characterized his parents to police as “demonic and killers” who had planned the murder for about three months.

He notified the girlfriend that he would do something that would make them live in peace, for the rest of their lives. During the planning period, he watched movies,  practiced how to commit horrendous crimes without being noticed, and camouflage.

An inquiry indicated shocking findings on how the gruesome massacre, which had failed three times with the second last planned for January 2, was schemed and committed.

Lawrence Warunge wanted to use girlfriend as Alibi

On the fateful day, he attempted to persuade the girlfriend, a nondrinker, to drink and smoke marijuana, in vain. He anticipated for her to pass out as he hurried to his rural home, where he would slaughter his kin and come back. He expected to use the girlfriend as an alibi after murdering his family using carbon monoxide.

Investigators from the Homicide and the Crime Scene Investigations Units at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) office recovered critical exhibits that solved the multiple-victim killing.

Lawrence Warunge was squarely placed at the scene of crime. The investigators are now struggling to establish the motive. He claimed that he felt isolated by the parents and that his younger siblings were also siding with the parents.

“He alleged that he felt that the parents were out to murder him,” a senior detective told Lion Net News. First, the shoe prints impressions at the scene of the crime which were documented and recorded at the scene fitted those of the shoes that were recovered in Mai Mahiu over the Weekend.

Detectives documented to scale and later verified the measurements and sole patterns were identical to those of the shoes retrieved in Mai Mahiu.

Was it one killer, or did Lawrence Warunge have accomplices?

It was initially believed that there were at least three murderers at the scene. The probe established that the suspect was alone. He removed his shoes after they got soaked in blood, and strolled around the house in his socks. He cleaned the shoes which were recovered in Mai Mahiu and put on a lady’s shoes. He bought the woman’s shoes in Thika.

Investigators have been able, through thorough inquiry and suspect’s admission to establish what happened that fateful day. Warunge requested the girlfriend to buy for him a knife in Thika. The nine-inch blade, with a steel handle, was among the exhibits recovered over the weekend.

At Thika, Warunge also purchased a pair of jeans, a coat, a woman’s shoes, a piece of wigs, and a female doll. The suspect later chopped off the doll’s head. From Thika, the suspect progressed to Nairobi CBD where he visited Holy Family Basilica and Uhuru Park

Aware that he could be checked at the church, he continued to one of the supermarkets where he deposited his baggage which was in a red carrier bag, including the things he bought, plus the knife. He left the outlet with the baggage tag and left his bag behind. He progressed to the church. At dusk, he boarded a Limuru-bound commuter vehicle. When he got to Limuru he took another car home in Wangunyu, Kiambaa.

Lawrence Warunge first killing

When he got home, he found James Kinyanjui and requested him for a metal rod. He did not divulge what he wanted to do with it. At one point, he was very anxious and when the deceased asked him, he vaguely said he had a lot of pressure, without expounding.

He caught Kinyanjui unawares and hit him at the back of the head several times before he slit his throat using the blade he had earlier purchased in Thika. James Warunge said, he determined to slit Kinjanjui’s throat after he ‘refused to die’.

A blood spatter examination would later ascertain that the blood pattern on the wall curtain originated from a high-pressure vein, the throat. Warunge stayed around the initial crime scene until around 8 pm. This is when he saw his father being driven home in a taxi.

The main attack

Immediately thereafter, he jumped over the perimeter wall. He got shocked by the electric fence but still contrived to get into the compound. The father had bought some bottles of Balozi beer. Some of the bottles were recovered in the house, the secondary scene.

While in the compound, he saw his mother in the kitchen and he moved forward to the main switch and disconnected the power. He has brought with him some paraffin. He poured a little odd it on a green paper bag and lit it, just outside the kitchen door.

Inquisitive to know what was transpiring, the mother got out and he struck her at the back of the head with the metal rod. The brother heard the turmoil and rushed to the door. He was oblivious of the imminent danger and was also attacked.

The mother fell cold while the injured brother rushed back to the room scampering for safety. All this time, the father who was sipping his beer in the bedroom upstairs, was not aware that the family was under assault from their blood.

Shortly thereafter, on sensing some trouble, he went downstairs and met the son armed with a knife. He scurried back but the son pursued him. Fearing for his life, he leaped from the bedroom balcony. He got hurt and the son followed him where he jabbed him several times, before slicing his throat.

He would later hear the father trying to open the gate, to escape. He followed him and stabbed him several times, leaving him with his intestines out. Inquiries revealed that at this point he was only on his socks, as he had removed his blood-soaked shoes.

He then murdered one of his brothers, Maxwell Njenga, a standard Seven pupil at Wangunyu primary school, and moved room for room looking for the other brother. He found the brother, Christian Njenga, hiding under his bed in his room. The younger sibling begged with him to spare his life. He did not heed his pleas and stabbed him several times before slicing his throat.

No remorse or panic

After murdering his family members, he bathed and consumed the food the mother was preparing and later sat down and watched a program on television. He dozed on his father’s bed until around 4 am when he woke up and requested a lift in one of the delivery vans. He took off to Naivasha and later proceeded to Mai Mahiu, the rural home of his ladylove who was by then in Thika.

There, he burnt his parent’s mobile phones his bloodied clothes. He then went into hiding in Lower Kabete where he was arrested. On Friday at around midnight, he turned on his phone and investigators picked his signals.

The suspect has not shown remorse or panicked since his arrest. He told investigators that he was surprised to see family members mourning and crying over the deaths. He bought some pepper which he would from time to time bite or spray to tear to seem like he was also mourning. The exhibits retrieved had been tossed into a pit latrine. He took the investigators to an open area where he burnt some of the evidence.

The father had arrived in Kenya from America about two weeks ago where he worked as a nurse.  The suspect’s sisters survived the cold-blooded killing since they had gone to school the previous day. One of the sisters is a Form Two student at Ngiriambu Girls School in Kirinyaga and the other a Form Four student at St Angela Girls School.

One of the witnesses in the case, Steve Njehu, told sleuths that on the fateful day, they finished work and he went to Karura shopping center to loosen up after a hard day’s work. He came back at around 9 pm and saw that one of the curtains was blbloodstainedbut the lights were on.

He got in and discovered that his workmate James Kinyanjui lying in a pool of blood on a mattress in one of the rooms. Police were phoned and they later removed the body.

Before they left, they banged at the gate of the neighboring home to find out if they had heard anything during the fatal attack. There was no acknowledgment and the officers assumed that the family had slept. Bizarre enough, the suspect saw everything from his parents’ room upstairs, even as police filtered the primary scene and finally removed the body.

Investigators are expected to reexamine the scene, together with the suspect in what is referred to as scene re-enactment. The suspect is expected, to willingly give a comprehensive account of how the homicide was organized from the initial planning to the execution and subsequent discarding of murder weapons.

Everything, comprising the path used, how he climbed the wall, how the weapons were utilized, among other things, will be listed

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