Kiki Punished Men By Infecting Them With AIDS

Kiki Punishes Men By Infecting Them With AIDS

A Kenyan lady, Jackline Njoki Mwangi, also known as Kiki, disclosed that she punished men by deliberately infecting them with AIDS for not using protection.

Kiki was Ng’endo, was first diagnosed with AIDS as a teenager after sleeping with men for money to take care of herself and her nephew. This was after her mother left her and her sister in the care of their aunt to go to work in the United States.

Kiki Wa Ngend'o

The 36-year-old woman, who made the startling revelation on Thursday, September 17, in an interview with Kenya’s online news portal TUKO justified her action by saying that she chose someone’s illness infected who also didn’t bother to warn her.

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Mwangi said it was the responsibility of his sexual partners to protect themselves, not hers “At the end of the day, I am not your babysitter. You know you don’t know me. I’m not related to you yet you want to have sex with me. Why don’t you put on a condom or have a test with me and ask me to wear a condom? ”She said.

Kiki in a Bikini

Kiki further revealed that she decided to go public with her status because she wanted men to stop approaching her for sex after she developed complications in her private parts.

She says the condition caused her to lose interest in sex after 18 years of selling her body to sexually starved men for money. She also wanted to warn men against sleeping with every woman they meet, create awareness and ask her family to stop insulting her half the time. She blamed her misfortunes on her mother, who she said despised and abused her after leaving the country to work in the United States.

According to Kiki, her mother would send their aunt money but she never cared for them and when their mother heard of her new escapades, she abused her to this day. She had to drop out of high school and when her uncle tried to convince her to go back to school, that is when she tested positive.

“It was heartbreaking, I went without medication but just kept on living. At one point, I went back to the country and came back to Nairobi and that’s when I tried to kill myself, “she said.

Kiki now laments that she has been abandoned by her family and friends who know her status. The stigma she faced left her depressed and emotionally exhausted.

What do you think of Kiki, who punished men by infecting them with AIDS?

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