Fellow Kenyans and Africans. We are in the most difficult time ever in life that calls for a complete overhaul in our way of life, political style, business whirlwinds, and social awakening.

Corona has completely locked us down as a country and a continent with the rest of the world nations including the superpower countries. A time comes when everyone has to be prepared to carry their own cross. And if it’s the time then now.

Corona has disrupted human thinking about a sustainable economy. For instance, America alone has lost over 300 Trillion dollars less than a half a year. Productions have gone down so is employment almost closed. Economic traversing closed worldwide.

Why we say Kenya needs Revolutionaries only!
Who are Politicians and who are Revolutionaries???

African people are used calling leaders as politicians but they don’t know who they are for sure. This is where things have been going wrong for decades in African countries without reform. Then Africans fear Revolutionaries because they don’t know who they are again.

This is where Africans have missed the crucial fundamental recovery from bad leadership, bad economy, and decaying social civilization of Africa. Time is now for African people to interact with the supernatural reality of the past, present, and future.

Are African people ready to redefine their future with Corona challenge? Do African people have a designed futuristic Philosophy? All these critical concerns are looming in Darkness with African people. African people never challenge themselves rather they are good at watching the happenings without resolution and if any then copy-paste.

Corona crisis is taking every nation and people back home and Africans have been used to begging for help from the West who are hard hit more than Africa, and why? God wanted to punish the West, while Awakening Africa. Yes, the West are resetting themselves after the Corona attack, but are African people and leaders doing? Are they on their drawing board? Are they reorganizing their Economic Benchmark? Or are they busy Politicking?

Politicians are people who gang up as leaders ahead of the general citizenry aspirations that they are fighting for our nation and they prepare their hidden agenda, take to the people and mobilize people with those agenda to benefit themselves and not the people and the nation, whereas Revolutionaries are people who bring people together with the people’s tangible dreams and aspirations then Consolidate the people to mobilize those agenda courageously with the people and it truly benefits the people and the nation in the equal basis without the leaders battling to slush from the people the benefits.

In Africa, leaders who have been counted as Revolutionaries include Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah, Sankara, Samora Machell, Julius Malema, Dr. John Pombe Mangufuli, etc while the rest have been Politicians including Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, William Ruto, I mean Africa is led by Politicians no need to list them and this is why Africa has remained economically, politically and socially awkward.

With Corona Crisis which has brought down our Economy, Africa needs economic recovery. Over 500 Trillion Dollars have been lost in Africa within 6 months only. There is an Economic Turmoil in African Countries where jobs are lost, factories are closed down, traveling brought down, banking getting no savings, currency rate totally affected, and people fear the future. This calls for radical prostatectomy to be adopted by states.

This is itself the worst enemy ever to human beings. People are made to stress about their future. From this point of view, do Kenyans and Africans need politics or are made to battle with political differences or diffusion from their leaders? Are best bureaucrats put in place by the heads of states to reorganize the state of the nations with the Corona pandemic? The Plain Truth is BIG NO!!!

This is why we the leaders of KENYA LIBERATION COALITION MOVEMENT and our sympathizers are critical to the messing around with the life of the people of Kenya and Africa by the leaders who are not prepared to RESET THE SITUATIONS in Kenya and Africa with Corona challenge and are busy Politicking and Strategizing their Political Hellbent Rotten Plans out of Corona Funding and Impacts.

What do we require as at now as a people of Africa Continent? Economic Recovery Stimulus Package must be designed and adapted by all Parliaments and Governments around Africa. Some Countries like Nigeria, Kenya among few have started some Strategy to provide Youths with some little casual cleanings down in the towns or villages. This is a good idea, yes.

But critically, it is the worst idea these countries have adapted to ruin worst the future of the nation and the people. Why? These are activities that generate money from hands to mouth which is just minimal income to a few Members in the society. This is an emulated program from the UN which was groomed to finish the developing nations and ruined their economies to ask for loans from the IMF, World Bank, ADB, etc.

These Countries must develop the Economic Stimulus Package that will definitely enable the affected population to generate some form of production that could be sustainable and get money back to treasuries. This Economic Stimulus Package must also be given ample time to catch up with the crisis.

The basic idea is to raise revenue and get people back to employment which are ruined deeply by Corona. This ought to happen in a mutual corporation of all leaders in terms of universal Economic Recovery. The World Economy has dropped to an L-Shaped pattern which is very difficult to improve. In fact, some developed nations had thought that after Corona, they will be able to make a V-Shaped Recovery growth which they have realized, it is very difficult.

If America alone cannot reset her Economy to that pattern, what is AFRICA? African leaders must wake up and change the mess. But they can’t change it because they are Politicians while it requires Revolutionary Leaders and Expertise to handle the adverse effects of Corona. This is the fundamental challenge facing leaders in African Countries today. What are we learning from this Concept? African Countries are in dilemma to fight Corona Impacts. AFRICA AT CROSSROADS with Corona challenge. Will this clear Africa Population?

By Philosopher Dr Odhiambo Swa Makaduol,

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