Kawangware residents resist Coronavirus mass testing

Kawangware resident resist Covid-19 testing

“Test us for hunger not Coronavirus” Kawangware residents say.

Mass testing for Coronavirus begun in Kawangware but resident gave health official a hard time. Irate residents rejected Covid-19 testing and demanded the government address matters of the stomach first. Kawangware is a Covid-19 hotspot and the residents are noncompliant to government guidelines on curbing Corona.

 The residents complained that life had become unbearable, and they could not meet their basic needs. Kagwe said the estate leads the city with 13 positive cases, who were infected by one person!

“When we say people should keep social distancing this is what we mean, like in Kawangware so many people contracted the virus from one person,” Mutahi Kagwe said. In Kenya, health officials have tested 21, 702 samples.

Kawangware market has in particular been a problem area. The residents do not wear masks and if they have them, they are improperly worn.

The government has insisted that mass testing, tracking down cases with symptoms, identifying their household cluster, tracing people have contacted, and quarantining them until they are free from the infection is essential.

The Kenya National Beareau of statistics (KNBS) in the last census put the population of Kawangware at 291,565. It is one of the most congested places in Nairobi as compared to let’s say Karen.

Kawangware is under surveillance and teams have been sent to monitor the area especially the market. In the first few weeks after the first Coronavirus case was announced, the public was generally compliant but the compliance has gone down as their stock has depleted.

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