Kalenga Kamwendo Africa’s Youngest Pilot

Kalenga Kamwendo Africa's youngest line pilot

Kalenga Kamwendo is Africa’s youngest pilot and We will prove this adage which says: “To well-born souls, value does not await the number of years”

At least that’s what one might think about the 21-year-old Zambian Kalenga Kamwendo, who is considered the youngest airline pilot in Africa.

Indeed the fate of Kalenga took a dizzying turn when he crossed the 1000 hours of flight. He has been in the air for two years, piloting for Lusaka Mfuwe Company.

The youngest pilot in Africa, Kalenga Kamwendo

A good student in class, Kalenga had very good grades in math, physics and English. This is what earned him enrollment in an aviation school in South Africa.

He obtained his professional pilot’s license after having accumulated 200 flight hours. Today more than ever Kalenga is among the African icons and is as a great role model for the youth of his country and Africa.

It is very interesting to hear news from young Africans who have taken up the challenges facing the black continent for centuries. Indeed, the label of miserable people unable to lead to any development, to any technical and scientific progress, has stuck on Africans for centuries.

With access to education after the era of slavery, many young people of African origin have demonstrated the ability of blacks to transcend the limits initially imposed on him. Through innovation, revolutionary mentalities, conscientious and hard-work, Africans, create and impact the world.

Originally from Zambia, Kalenga Kamwendo is the youngest commercial pilot in the Africa. The young flight officer passed the 1,000-hour milestone on a flight from Lusaka to Mfuwe, exactly one year and 9 months after his first flight on Zambia’s air leader.

He is not very far from his goal as he is close to the 1,500 flight hours from which he will be able to take the exam for the senior officer’s license. If luck smiles on him and Kalenga achieves another 1,000 flight hours, he can become a flight captain. It is a great pride for Africa because a new sun full of young talents ready to awaken dazed consciences is rising.

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