Sakaja the fence sitter

To most Kenyans, Johnson Arthur Sakaja is a young, visionary, and conscious leader, but to me, Sakaja is the height of fence-sitting, indecisiveness, and shilly-shallying. Johnson Sakaja has no known stand.

He is neither in the east nor in the west. It is impossible to understand whether he is for the people or against the people. In fact, my little observation gives credence to my perception; that Sakaja strives to please his brother Mutula Kilonzo instead of representing Nairobians and their interests in the Senate. However, he still has an opportunity to redeem his faith to me and the many Nairobians who think like me.

I have been keenly following Sakaja’s footsteps during the CRA discussion and I am convinced that he is not supporting the course of his party and that of H.E Uhuru Kenyatta who introduced him to national politics.

I don’t want to say that he is just but a “marinated” Mike Sonko like other folks but he should rethink his space in the political realm. He says that he is opposed to the formula but has not offered a substantive rationale to his assertion. It is only a blind man who will see that John Sakaja is being lukewarm in a discussion that calls for absolutely and clarity of thoughts.

Because he is my senator, I am putting him to the test this afternoon. I am challenging him to vote for the bill because he is elected by Jubilee and the position that Jubilee holds is that of supporting the bill.

Lately, his character has been wanting and he has to pull back the string of the confidence that Kenyans had in him. He must say no to the cheap notes that the Northerners have given him to oppose the bill.

He pretends to be very much pro-people but cannot support a critical bill like this one which largely benefits the people he represents. Sakaja is a good man but I want to characterize him by his actions, not his good English and bespoke suits.



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