Will Uhuru betray Raila like he has done with Ruto?

Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the media

There has been talk of a cabinet reshuffle for over one year. What’s interesting about this talk is that it is mainly propagated by the new friends of Uhuru especially the ODM brigade.

How genuine is this talk and is Uhuru committed about it? My take is that this discussion is meant to keep Uhuru’s new friends excited and busy shoring their support bases to be loyal to their respective Party Leaders and the new cooperation between them and Uhuru.

Take for instance ODM. If there was some seriousness in this cabinet reshuffle talk, ODM would’ve by now put their cooperation deal with Jubilee on paper. The reluctance to put the deal on paper may actually be working to the party’s disadvantage. You may have noted that ODM was first on the dining table but KANU got the Senate Majority Leaders post because they’ve a deal on paper.

For ODM to benefit from anything tangible with Jubilee there’s no shortcut. Put the deal in writing

Back to the cabinet reshuffle angle, Uhuru may have used this as a bait on ODM in the first instance and the other parties later. It may be a strategy to have them stick around

As things stand though, Uhuru has both the carrot and the stick. For how long he’ll dangle it, only he knows

By Antony Oyugi

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