By Antony Oyugi

The expected exit of President Uhuru from the political stage in 2022 places the Kikuyu nation in a dilemma. The community hasn’t identified a clear successor who will take over Uhuru’s political leadership mantle with several people coming up each with their own support bases sourced predominantly from the home counties

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth though touted as a successor lacks solid support with most of his support being drawn from his Muranga county with the rest sprinkled allover the region. Many also don’t consider him a ‘pure’ Kikuyu due to his mixed parentage with his father being white. It’s also whispered that his style of politics is too soft for the Kenyan political terrain.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is also a contender for the political leadership of the community. She has in recent times come out as the ‘spokesperson’ of the community particularly on matters 2022 and BBI.

Her support is mainly drawn from her Kirinyaga county, it has suffered a blow from the recent allegations of corruption in running the county and the attendant battle she’s fighting with the area MCAs. There are those who however still feel she has a fighting chance in matters Kikuyu leadership based on her perceived closeness to Uhuru

Kipipiri MP and National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya was at one time viewed as a successor to Uhuru. His image was however dented by the Laico Regency scandal which actually cost him reelection to Parliament. His recent elevation to Majority Leader gives him a new lease of life and depending on how he uses his new position, he may inherit the Uhuru mantle

Former Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri is also thought to be strategizing on how to take over from Uhuru. This thinking is buttressed by the fact that he recently launched as new political party which is viewed as a way to place him on the bargaining high table.

Mr. Kiunjuri’s weakness is that he’s considered ‘unpolished’ and too rough in the edges. There’s no ‘gentleman’ in him. The launch of his own party may also have backfired on him since some see him as setting the stage for a William Ruto takeover of the Kikuyu nation. His support base is also blurred

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria’s name is also mentioned in some circles as a possible successor. He also has a political party on the side for political negotiations. Governor wa Iria is however little known beyond Murang’a county

As to who will take over from Uhuru is still unclear. Maybe that’s why some people within the community are supporting the idea of a new structure in the Executive that will enable Uhuru occupy a new position after 2022.

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