Husband Exposes Wife’s Cheating Thanks To A Smart Fan App

Husband exposes his wife's cheating thanks to a smart fan app

A US resident exposed his wife’s cheating thanks to a smart fan app installed on her mobile phone. He told about this in a post on Reddit.

The man decided to update the smart fan filter app installed on his wife’s phone. At that moment, a message notification appeared on the screen.

“Everything sank inside me when I saw the words:“ I’ll take a special toy with me. ” My brain understood the text, but my mind refused to function. My wife asked what was the matter after I just sat and looked at the fan for a few minutes, ”he said.

The man did not say anything about the message he saw and instead studied the contents of her phone for several days. As a result, he came to the conclusion that his wife, with whom he had been married for 17 years, had been cheating on him with a married colleague for 18 months. The couple began dating during their quarterly business trips together.

The husband collected 600 pages of messages and erotic images that they sent to each other. “There were at least 15,000 messages, and the earliest dates back to February last year. Messages, memes, playful pictures and images of erotic content. Three nights ago, lying next to me and stroking my back before going to sleep, she wrote to him, ”he says.

“This is a young man from her job. He is married and has three small children. He and his wife have Facebook. I met him twice and shook his hand. I desperately want this all to be a bad dream. She said terrible things about me. She told him about my insecurity. She told him that she loved him, ”the deceived husband emphasized.

He reported that the couple did not make long-term plans, so their relationship looks like a purely sexual relationship. “On the one hand, this is better, but on the other, much worse. Looks like she’s literally throwing our lives away for this. She knows that cheating is absolutely unacceptable for me, ”he said.

After consulting with a lawyer, the man told his wife about his find and said that he was filing for divorce. “She cried and said that she could explain everything. I gave her five minutes. Of course, she was unable to do this, ”said the author of the publication. The man contacted the lover’s wife via Facebook and sent her a copy of the couple’s correspondence. “She didn’t say anything,” he said.

“I need to thank the smart fan app manufacturer for their application, and the stupid fan that my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas,” said the American.

Earlier it was reported that a US resident pasted a family photo with an unfaithful husband and children down the street and highlighted her spouse with a red circle. She captioned the photo: “He abandoned his wife and children in New York (…) His new neighbors, you know! He is still married but lives with another woman. “

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