Hon William Ruto, My confessions

By Wafula Buke

Wafula Buke

Like Hon Waluke I have encountered Hon Ruto in my political life as a junior operative. Years to come I will be tried by history for this association. I will be dead then. Here are some facts about my financial history with the DP.

  1. In 2005 during the referendum. The Orange team held a rally in kakamega and seemed unsure of the viability of one in Bungoma. I appealed to Hon William Ruto to help. He gave me KSh 50,000. I went to River Road and bought sound equipment for use in the campaign and used the balance on our failed rally where Ford Kenya burned our equipments.
  2. In 2008, Raila called me to his office where I found him seated with Ruto. “I have talked to the minister, he will give u something to do” Ruto being an ODM celebrity, I became Ruto’s PA in Parliament earning ksh 40,,000 per month. I thank him for that.
  3. All my operations with him were based in ARMACO insurance office. I once appealed for help on university fees for my son and he gave me Ksh 20,000. I thank him for that.
  4. While counting cash in my presence, an a thousand shilling note was accidentally tone into two by a rubber band. He gave it to me to fix it and use it. That was not little money to me so I appreciate.
  5. Eric Ng’eno and I used to draft his speeches and media communications during the maize scandal period. He would come and join us in editing. One of those days we finished at 1am. He gave us 5k each for our taxi home. Of cause I went by matatu.
  6. I delivered weighty bundles of cash on a few occasions eg the day Parliament voted on the Hon Khalwale motion. I handed it to Hon Thuo’s secretary in the company of Sirma. At no time did I benefit from the few big cash deliveries.
  7. I worked for one year. Easy to get the total amount. When Ruto decided to oppose the 2010 constitution, I withdrew my labor. After days of absence and a few press conferences supporting the new constitution, the CEO of Armaco called to enquire about my job with them and I told him I had retired.

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