Heart Touching Story. Why did she have to die?

Neglected Starving woman

Your house is about to be locked o just because you cannot raise money for your rent. You post it on social media seeking help and get 2 likes and zero comments.

You follow this up by sending 100s of messages on your contact list requesting for a loan of 15, 000/ and sadly only 10 people reply. Of the 10, 6 out of the 10 claims they can’t help. The 4 who can help tell me to wait for banks to open the following day.

Morning comes and one is Mteja and the other 3 don’t pick your calls. So jioni comes and your house door is locked and have nowhere to sleep. You walk in the dark, staring at the moon, wondering what next and sadly you meet goons. Fast forward the next day and you are found dead.

Message flood your social media pages and over 1500 people post on your wall how they knew you and how great you were. Your ‘loyal friends’ for a committee and contribute 500,000/- to feed guests at your funeral. The team contribute another Kshs 150000 for tents, coffin, and chairs.

The coffin is worth Kshs 15000 but since they purchased it in a rush they meet a broker who sells it at Kshs 45, 000/=.

Your relatives who rarely meet, meet for your send-off contribute an extra 350, 000/=.

All and sundry are generous in order to appear helpful. The youth that are acquainted with you print t-shirts with your image at a cost of 1000/= a piece. The 400 of them pay, and the T-shirt man gets 20,000/- profit from your death.

Everyone wants to be given a chance to speak at my funeral. The grapevine has it that you were murdered by your friends. The Rumour mongers claim a successful relative sacrificed you. Speeches are made to extol how talented you were. The few real friends who supported you are not given a chance to speak at your funeral though they know the Truth but are portrayed as the prime suspects for your death.

If the “good people” can’t stretch the helping hand to someone when they are alive, they should not bother to raise all this money when they are gone.

Show people love when they are alive and need it, not when they are gone!

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