The Risks run by women who wear thongs

There are risks run by women who wear thongs. The thong is the ideal underwear to avoid unsightly marks under tight pants, tight dresses. But is it really harmless? Sometimes too narrow, sometimes badly placed or uncomfortable, are thongs dangerous for health? The two biggest “risks” when wearing a thong are irritation and infection. According … Read more

Awful moment, a SNAKE is removed from a woman’s throat

Awful moment, 4ft SNAKE is removed from a Russian woman’s throat after crawling into her mouth while sleeping. Woman felt bad after a snake slipped inside her home in Dagestan. Doctors removed a snake after inserting a tube down the throat in hospital. The reptile was placed in a bucket but it was not clear … Read more

Germans against the start of Bundesliga

Most Germans are against the start of the Bundesliga. When asked Does the government further, relax the measures to contain the corona pandemic? Does the Bundesliga kick off this weekend despite the virus? The majority of Germans answered no to both questions in the Germany Trend. More than half of Germans (56 percent) are against … Read more

Coronavirus is real!

Coronavirus is real and I would like to share a little of my personal experience with COVID-19 and I am sounding the alarm. Going by our experience in SA , my view is that Kenya is following and is about 2 months behind South Africa. On May 20th, the Cases in South Africa were about … Read more

Woman gives birth while answering call of nature and baby falls into a pit latrine

A middle-aged woman from Machakos County gave birth while answering a short call of nature at the Mwala Level 4 Hospital on Friday evening The 36-year-old woman, who has partial paralysis following a stroke. Her teenage son assisted her to access the toilet, where she gave birth to a baby boy only for newborn to … Read more

The Intelligent and Strange Virus

This coronavirus is the strangest virus we have ever heard of.It’s very dangerous in the way it spreads. It is so mysterious the way it ONLY target schools, but then dies at quarantine centres which are within the same schools!! It is sneaky. It can spread when buying clothes at a small shop but not … Read more

State House Staff test positive for COVID-19

Spokesperson’s OfficeState House, NairobiMonday, 15th June 2020 Covid-19 infections at State House, Nairobi. As part of proactive measures being implemented to contain the spread of Covid-19, State House staff are regularly tested for the disease. The tests are conducted on all staff including His Excellency the President and members of his family. During last week’s … Read more

Popular Cameroonian Pastor who claimed he could cure Coronavirus dies of Covid-19

Franklin Ndifor, a popular Cameroonian preacher who laid his hands on many of his followers to “cure” them of Coronavirus, has left his supporters in a state of shock and panic after dying from the Covid-19. Doctor Gaelle Nnanga, the pastor’s doctor said the he died less than a week after being diagnosed with Covid-19. … Read more

Hillary Muriungu top student in 2018 passes on

Hilary Murungi, the top candidate in 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) from Meru is dead. He has succumbed to a brain tumor. Elias Mutuma, the family is spokesperson said he died at the Nairobi Hospital. Hilary Murungi, sat for his KCPE at Friends academy in Meru and died in 442 marks. The first … Read more

Kawangware residents resist Coronavirus mass testing

“Test us for hunger not Coronavirus” Kawangware residents say. Mass testing for Coronavirus begun in Kawangware but resident gave health official a hard time. Irate residents rejected Covid-19 testing and demanded the government address matters of the stomach first. Kawangware is a Covid-19 hotspot and the residents are noncompliant to government guidelines on curbing Corona. … Read more

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