Grievances by Medical professionals in the police force

The medical professionals in the police service, working in the forces dispensaries across the country are not happy. They are under the ministry of health.

The medical professionals in the police force are concerned about how enumerations are being carried out across the country.  As a medic in the service, there is nothing to smile about because the value for their sacrifice is not being recognized.

As everyone is aware, they can easily contract dangerous and chronic infections their places of work. They have to face the risks for the good for the Kenyan community.

This is a great sacrifice but their employer is shortchanging as they place their lives in danger to serve Kenyans.

As a medical police professional, they work alongside fellow officers from the Ministry of health. There has been a discrepancy in the enumerations of health workers from the two categories.

Earlier this year, the government announced an allowance of Kshs 15000 to Frontline workers in the health sector. Those in the police service are a bitter and demoralized lot because the county government has paid the health workers under it the allowance while the police professionals have been left out. They have raised their concerns but there has been no response forthcoming.

Because of the pandemic, they are incurring extra costs to avoid infecting, fellow workers, and those close to them. Besides what the government provides, they also have to equip their families. The discrepancy in emoluments is really demotivating them as they endeavor to serve the nation

Most of them sought recruitment in the police service because of the promised police reforms that would improve the working environment. As professionals, they demand equal treatment by the authorities and urgent attention to the matter as they continue to serve the nation.

The medical professionals in the police service, face double jeopardy as they are Frontline workers attending to fellow Frontline workers.

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