Grand P’s wealth revealed and how he spends it

Grand P wealth and how he spends it

We reveal Grand P’s wealth and how he spends it. The Guinean star Grand P, whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba, was born in Sanguiana in Nabaya in Guinea.

He had progeria which gave him a golden physique that has made him a lot of money. The Guinean singer and actor became known to the general public thanks to his talent. He is the boyfriend of Eudoxie Yao. He is Africa’s most influential goblin and currently dominating the headlines.

Moussa Kaba’s, Grand P’s wealth is estimated to date at 60.8 million CFA francs and spends it lavishly. He has many cars, including a black Range Over, and also owns a gigantic villa in Guinea. In the villa, he hosts several of his companions.

His manager told Lion Net News that all of his European tours and music videos pay off big. The BOBARABA woman’s fiancé shops only in luxury stores, abroad.

Rumors have it that he gave his girlfriend, Eudoxie Yao, two range-overs and a sum of CFAF 21 million on her birthday a few months ago.

Grand P spends a lot of his fortune, in charity donations. In an interview, he said he spends his money the same way he got it. He sponsors associations in Guinea as well as in Ivory Coast.

He spends a substantial amount of his fortune on his trip to Morocco where he had operations for his condition.

Grand P spends between 3 and 5 million on nights out with the girls he likes.

His concerts make between 20 and 21 million per month. It is no longer a secret, that he is truly a multi-millionaire. It’s probably thanks to this money that all the girls want to meet him.

The Guinean millionaire gifted a big-screen television to his future wife who is no one other than Eudoxie Yao. Unfortunately, the television was stolen a few days in the kitchen of the Ivorian bimbo.

Grand P has enough to eat, feed his family and meet all his needs. Isn’t that a successful life?

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