Government welfare system encourages parasitic behavior, therefore Immoral 

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I have read somewhere that about 3.8 million Kenyans filed their TAX returns by yesterday. In essence, ONLY 3.8M are taxpayers!

But, according to the IEBC database, we have 20 million-plus registered voters. Technically, we have 20M taxpayers but only 3.8M pay taxes. Do your Maths, notice the difference. Roughly, 16million plus do not pay taxes in any meaningful way.

If you give and take, this 16M is usually the most mouthy on public affairs. Most often commenting on what they lack understanding. The 16M are loudest in making unreasonable and expensive demands on the government.

This 16M are the ones everywhere on REAL and VIRTUAL streets with a lot of noise pointing out what the government should do or should have done. They are loudest in shouting our money is being eaten through CORRUPTION.

This 16M are the ones demanding expensive welfare programs of all manner from government and thereby burdening further those who pay taxes. It is time to tell this 16M the truth: Govt doesn’t have any money apart from taxes.

If you are not paying taxes you shouldn’t make outrageous demands especially those of welfare in nature. WELFARE PROGRAMS increases govt size. It increases government expenditures. It increased government programs increases avenues for CORRUPTION.

All these in turn increases the demand for more money by the government. That burden is normally transferred to TAXPAYERS. It is transferred to the 3.8M even as 16M keeps making demands. Isn’t this is expecting the government to engage in voodoo economics?

If you are NOT producing any goods, services, or value for the society, your right to demand anything from society or govt diminishes. BTW at the risk of repeating myself, the government doesn’t produce anything, it is people with flesh and blood, it is people like you who produce things for distribution in society.

If you are able-bodied, you are not producing but you are still placing unrealistic demands on government, and benefiting from welfarism, then you are engaging in parasitic behavior. Isn’t immoral to benefit or live on other people’s pain and sweat without any guilt? Government economics is not just about DEMANDS but also SUPPLY.

If you demand and you have not advanced capacity in terms of taxes then the government cannot supply. If the government ends up supplying then it has stolen from somewhere or someone. The government ends up stealing, actually, the government ends up robbing those who pay taxes. Government is not just about CONSUMPTION but actually PRODUCTIVITY matters the most in society.

Stop demanding expensive government welfare projects and programs if you’re not paying taxes in a meaningful way.

Signed: George Nyongesa, Chairman, Banyamulenges Association in Kenya

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