Germans against the start of Bundesliga

Germans against the start of Bundesliga

Most Germans are against the start of the Bundesliga. When asked

  • Does the government further, relax the measures to contain the corona pandemic?
  • Does the Bundesliga kick off this weekend despite the virus?

The majority of Germans answered no to both questions in the Germany Trend. More than half of Germans (56 percent) are against the start of the Bundesliga and in favor of maintaining the current restrictions to contain the corona pandemic.

Thus every second eligible voter is critical of further easing. That was the result of the Deutschland Trend for the ARD morning magazine.

On the other hand, 40 percent of those questioned would be in favor of further easing measures. Supporters of the FDP (63 percent) and AfD (61 percent) in particular are in favor of further opening up.

This means that the opinion has been reversed within a week: Immediately before the political agreement to relax the restrictions, 54 percent of German citizens were in favor of such a withdrawal of the measures, 41 percent were against. Every second German is against the continuation of the Bundesliga season.

In addition, a majority of Germans believe that the continuation of the Bundesliga from Saturday is wrong. Every second respondent (56 percent) criticized the resumption of the games. Around one in three (31 percent) advocate resumption of the season with so-called ghost games without an audience.

Even among those who would like the corona measures to be relaxed further, there is no clear vote in favor of resuming gaming: 40 percent of those surveyed are in favor, 45 percent are skeptical.

If the general election were on Sunday, the Union would receive 38 percent of the vote. The Greens would be the second strongest force with 18 percent. 15 percent would opt for the SPD and ten percent for the AfD.

The Left Party would get seven percent of the vote, the FDP six percent. Overall, the government coalition of the Union and the SPD would receive 53 percent of the vote. Compared to the Germany trend of May 7, 2020, the Union, SPD, and Left Party each lose one percentage point. The AfD and the FDP each gain one percentage point. The proportion of votes for the Greens remains unchanged.

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