Despite beauty, I grow corn so as not to depend on a Man!

Being born with a nice body does not depend on anyone on earth because it is just a gift from God. Physical beauty is something that a person can have if the birthing process is favorable for them and it is very optional because two parents can be beautiful and give birth to an unpleasant … Read more

Kira Chaana, the most beautiful girl in Africa wants to get married and has set conditions

Kira Chaana, the 21-year-old Nigerian, who is considered to be the most beautiful girl in Africa wants to get married! Every man would like to have as a wife but the conditions she has given have left many wondering. Her terms have taken many aback and made them think twice about taking her for a … Read more

The Most Beautiful Women in Africa

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and we have compiled the most beautiful women in Africa. Simply put, beauty is what every individual sees with their eyes. Each individual has their own way of measuring beauty. So here is for us the ranking of African countries with the most beautiful … Read more

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