6 Types of farmers that will be big losers in 2021

6 Types of farmers that will be big losers in 2021No matter how the situation may be, we are naturally built to survive except we consciously or unconsciously give in to the pressures of life and business. Year 2021 may be posing as if it will be tough but it is a fact that tough … Read more

Despite beauty, I grow corn so as not to depend on a Man!

Being born with a nice body does not depend on anyone on earth because it is just a gift from God. Physical beauty is something that a person can have if the birthing process is favorable for them and it is very optional because two parents can be beautiful and give birth to an unpleasant … Read more

Double Diamond, World’s Most Expensive Sheep, Sold for £400000

This auction in Scotland was exciting until the very end. A bidding war broke out for the “perfect” sheep, which resulted in the animal called “Double Diamond”, becoming the world’s most expensive sheep. It fetched a record amount. As the Guardian reported on Friday, the sheep are genetically perfect. The sculpted body, a perfect head, … Read more

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