Before You Marry a Single Mother

My friend Nick wants to marry and he thought of marrying a single mother. Sometime last week, over some well-aged poison, he wanted to pick my brain on the choices he has. The choices have been narrowed to three options. And here is where we all pick the wrong one and live to regret. And … Read more

Early Fatherhood or Late Fatherhood – Which Is Better?

Early fatherhood or late fatherhood ? What could be better? The question has been bothering people for a long time, and more and more often they come to the conclusion that it makes sense to wait a while until you have children. But is this approach perhaps a bit of repression in order to suddenly … Read more

My Husband Jared, The Man Who Broke My Virginity – Akothee

My husband Jared was and is still a humble man, he was never violent, he never beat me up in front of our children. We hardly argued and lived in harmony. The community admired our family life. We were not rich but we managed. Jared earned Kshs 15,000 as an accountant. With that amount, we … Read more

Divorce Does Not Have To Be Ugly – Akothee

Divorce does not have to be ugly. That is easier said than done, but I tell you, divorce is worse than death, especially when children are involved. I would never wish for any couple to divorce after living together for years and bringing up their children as a family. I am not advocating for anyone … Read more

When Children Don’t Want To Go To Bed – Reasons and Solutions

Many parents are familiar with this situation, as soon as dusk falls and it is soon time for the children to go to bed, the great fear and hope begins and sometimes even the same drama begins. The kids just don’t want to go to bed. And the parents sometimes need several hours before the … Read more

Brilliant Tips For Parents To Get Through The Hot Days With Children

When the sun is really burning, it’s a challenge, especially for parents. We have put together 10 really good practical tips that will help you get through the hot days with your children get through the hot days. Bet you didn’t know them all? Adapt your activities and daily routine to the heat. Do as … Read more

Two-year-old Ardi Rizal who smoked 40 cigarettes a day

Jakarta. The world-famous little Indonesian chain smoker Ardi Rizal (2) smoked 40 cigarettes a day (two cigarette boxes) and was able to get rid of his addiction through special therapy by specialists. Ardi shocked the world after a video of him appeared on the Internet, in which he was smoking one cigarette after the other. … Read more

There is tomorrow, treat others well

My name is KOFI AMOAH, I own a company, none of my staff knew me as the owner except the Manager and the Secretary. (I had told them not to disclose my identity). I want to tell you there is tomorrow I don’t usually go for a visit. One day, I visited the company and … Read more

Police looking for man who burnt his daughter’s privates over boyfriend

Police in Bungoma is looking for a man who allegedly burnt his daughter’s private parts over a boyfriend. The culprit committed the crime in Bukembe village in Kanduyi. The mother of the 16-year-old Form Two student at Bukembe SA Secondary School reported the incident to law enforcement officers. She was gravely assaulted at night by … Read more

Beautiful lady from Kenya who committed suicide in Austria to be cremated

A beautiful lady from Kenya committed suicide in Vienna, Austria because of pressure from her relatives in Kenya

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