Double Diamond, World’s Most Expensive Sheep, Sold for £400000

Double Diamond, the world's most expensive sheep sold for £ 400000

This auction in Scotland was exciting until the very end. A bidding war broke out for the “perfect” sheep, which resulted in the animal called “Double Diamond”, becoming the world’s most expensive sheep. It fetched a record amount. As the Guardian reported on Friday, the sheep are genetically perfect. The sculpted body, a perfect head, and beautiful, gold-colored fur make it so desirable.

Jeff Aiken is one of three breeders who have teamed up to purchase the animal. He had his eye on Double Diamond long before Thursday’s auction. “It’s like any other business – horse racing or cattle breeding,” says Aiken. “Now and then something special just comes along and yesterday a particularly special Texel sheep appeared.”

The Texel sheep originally come from the Dutch North Sea island of Texel. This coveted breed is traded at high prices, but this bidding contest has been particularly intense, admits Jeff Aiken. When the auction started, breeders had already joined forces to bid for the six-month-old sheep.

“There were seven or eight people who really wanted it and that led to the price,” says Aiken. Up to this auction, the record amount that was ever paid for a sheep was more than 250,000 euros in 2009. The price that Aiken and his two partners paid last Thursday in Lanark, near Glasgow, is more than 400,000 euros. Jeff Aiken points out, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s an obscene amount for a sheep and it should definitely not reflect agriculture.”

The world’s most expensive sheep was sold at an auction in Scotland. How expensive can a sheep be, you might ask yourself. Shit expensive: almost half a million euros. Allow me – Double Diamond, the most expensive sheep in the world.

It looks a bit like a mixture of pig, Siamese cat, and bull terrier, its “mowing” sounds more like a hoarse roar and its body language gives every reason to mistake the six-month-old sheep for a bull. Double diamond looks

like a mythical creature and Scottish breeders have just proven they obviously mistake it for one too.

If you’ve never been to a luxury sheep auction, this is what it looks like: A damn expensive animal is pushed into the middle of a mini-arena, around it are middle-aged guys in vests and fleece, wondering how many single-family houses they are for should offer a box of wool on four legs. Several men stand inside the ring with the sheep and knock on the ground with shepherds’ sticks to keep the animal moving – and able to present it from all sides.

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