Donald Trump increases pressure on Tiktok and Bytedance

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has further increased the pressure on the video app Tiktok and its Chinese parent company Bytedance. Trump ordered on Saturday night, among other things, that Bytedance had to disconnect from all data from users in the United States within three months.

Bytedance is also no longer allowed to own any property in the USA that is used for the operation of Tiktok.
There are credible indications that Bytedance could take steps that “affect the national security of the United States,” Trump justified his actions on Friday. Bytedance did not comment at first.

Trump had already banned US-Americans from doing business with Tiktok with reference to data security, but suspended the execution of the order until mid-September. If it takes effect, that would mean the end of the app in the USA.

With the new measures, the US President is putting Bytedance under even more economic pressure. Microsoft is currently negotiating with Bytedance to take over the Tiktok business in the USA and several other countries.

In his new ruling, Trump formally targeted Bytedance’s purchase of the app, which would later become Tiktok. The President prohibited the transaction, which was completed in 2017.

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