Do Not Underate Ruto’s 2022 Election Bid

Do not underate Ruto's bid

Deputy President William Ruto is on the offensive in his 2022 presidential bid. He is not only constituting a presidential campaign team but also an entire machinery that’s meant to enable him get to Statehouse. Do not underate Ruto’s 2022 bid.

In addition to the team he is also crisscrossing the country regularly on ostensibly development and empowerment missions which are generally deemed missions to boost his bid. As he goes around the country he has also formulated a campaign message about Dynasties Vs Hustlers which he is preaching loudly to the hoi polloi.

Whether they’re buying the message is debatable as is whether the huge crowds attending his engagements are genuine supporters. The point is that he is out there campaigning in full and total defiance of his boss the President

There are discussions in political corridors that we shouldn’t waste time focusing on Ruto because the system or deep state as it’s normally referred to will not allow him to be President. This talk is propagated by Uhuru’s close confidants like Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe and is unfortunately believed by Ruto’s opponents and their supporters. This is not advisable based on several reasons

Even With Deep State,Do Not Underate Ruto’s 2022 Bid

What is deep state or the system? Who does it include? Does it actually exist? Is Ruto part of it or has he ever been part of it?

When you look at Ruto’s political history and interactions you’ll understand that he is or has been part of the systep or deep state. In 1992 during the multi party campaigns he was part of Youth for KANU 92 which was a political fixer for the Moi campaign. Moi won. In the 2002 elections won by Kibaki Ruto was at the centre of the Uhuru campaign as KANU Director of Elections. He was in government albeit remotely. In the 2007 campaigns Ruto was in Raila’s campaign team as part of the Pentagon and successively mobilized the Kalenjin vote in Raila’s favor. Though Raila ‘lost’ a coalition government was formed and Ruto was made Agriculture Minister a position he held until around 2012. During this time he was Raila’s trusted confidant and was actually part of the Serena Team which negotiated a truce. Come 2013 Kibaki who was then President backed Uhuru while picked Ruto as his running mate. They won and also won the subsequent 2017 election though both were contested. The present situation is that Ruto is still the Deputy President though he has political (and other) differences with Uhuru. He still has the right to sit in cabinet and the National Security Council. His appointees are still in cabinet and state corporations. He also has several in the security sector.

Do you still doubt that he’s in the system

New Allies

The Deputy President was managed to poach new allies from across the political field. He has Dennis Itumbi from Uhuru’s campaign and presidential communications team. With the experienced team it would be a mistake to underrate Ruto’s 2022 bid. He has Uhuru’s speech writer Eric Ngeno. In the political campaign machinery he has also roped in Raila’s former campaign manager Eliud Owalo and former Raila campaign resource mobilizer and Chief of Staff Caroli Omondi. He has also brought to the team former ANC and before that Raila communication advisor Barrack Muluka.

These new allies bring with them secrets and ideas. They understand the political thinking of their former bosses. A person like Caroli brings in not only resource mobilization ideas but a rich local and international network of campaign financiers based on not only his Raila stint but also his World Bank days. You can’t write off their input in the campaign.


As I’ve pointed out Ruto has identified a message around which he’s speaking. It’s not about tribe or tribal blocks. It’s about creating a class block. The rich who’ve benefitted from many years of oppression and exploitation versus the poor. This message may resonate with some of the poor.

He also has communicators who can deliver the message him included. The guy is eloquent and knows how to play with emotions. In addition to him he has Johnstone Muthama Hassan Omar and Boni Khalwale. We should recall that this is the trio that used to say what Raila and others in his camp feared saying against the Uhuruto government. They’re also good at propaganda.

The value of Dennis Itumbi on social media cannot be wished away


It’s reported by many that Ruto Was The brain behind the 2013 and 2017 riggings. Uhuru only provided the money but didn’t get full details of the plan. His concern was that he wins. Ruto delivered. He delivered because of a few people in the electoral system both in office and former. Davies Chirchir worked at the IEBC predecessor and is mentioned as the man behind the two wins. He was awarded with a CS post after 2013, fired but recalled to the Uhuru campaign team just before 2017. The guy either understands how to manipulate the server or knows people who can do it. Dennis Itumbi and Caroli Omondi are reported to have operated servers parallel to the IEBC server in 2013. One at Catholic University and the other somewhere in Kilimani. Uasin Gishu Women Representative Gladys Shollei was CEO of the IEBC predecessor. She headed the secretariat hence was the cogwheel. Marjan Mohammed is the acting IEBC CEO though he had been mentioned severally as messing up figures in the last elections.

When you look at the current situation on IEBC and consider the time left before the next elections then you got to be very afraid. Even if we reconstitute IEBC including the entire secretariat, the combined experience of the above mentioned guys outweighs what the new team knows or will get to know before the next elections. Let’s not forget that we’re certainly going to use the 2017 server which is at Chirchir and Itumbi’s fingertips

What I’m basically saying is that we can’t underate this man William Ruto. He knows what he’s doing

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