Despite beauty, I grow corn so as not to depend on a Man!

Being born with a nice body does not depend on anyone on earth because it is just a gift from God. Physical beauty is something that a person can have if the birthing process is favorable for them and it is very optional because two parents can be beautiful and give birth to an unpleasant child. Also, a man and a woman can be naughty but they can give birth to a very beautiful baby. All this is just a matter of grace .

My name is KKL and I live in Anyama not far from the municipality of Abobo. I grew up in a family where women used their physical beauty to get tickets. My big sisters and my aunts were always in the process of changing friends because they are very beautiful and when you are pretty, it is easy to fall into the game of love which highlights our physical beauty to acquire everything.

My mother was my father’s second wife and she was not a happy woman because he did not take care of her very well. My dad had large tracts of land and he gave mum over a hectare to cultivate it.

The biggest advice she gave me was this: “do not follow the same path as your big sisters because the woman’s body must keep its purity in order to give it value in the eyes of men who will want to marry her later . If a woman wastes her youth, it’s the same men she had fun with that will turn her away later. “

So I keep this secret carefully deep inside me. Mom has been deceased since 2015. She had taught me to cultivate the land since my father did not want to educate his daughters. So I continue to cultivate his plot of land and today I have a large field of corn and other food products. See the images in the app and save up to 80% of data

I’m proud of it because all the men who come to me only do it for my fitness. Africans like fit, corpulent women, this is the kind of woman they appreciate the most.

With the advice that my mother gave me, I stayed calm and for the time being I live thanks to my small business and my fields that I do. I am always waiting for the one who will come to me with a heart to really want to love a woman not to be able to enjoy her body only. The men who court me get discouraged after waiting 2 or 3 months. When men know that a woman will not give them her body, they move away.

The only advice I can give to my little sisters and friends is to do a little income-generating activity so as not to depend on a man because it is the lack of money that turns a woman’s eyes off on the interior quality of life. man. In the end, we accept anyone as long as it fills our pockets

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