RFH Embakasi Open Day

Residents of Embakasi Nyayo estate and its environs, will this Saturday 24th October have an opportunity to meet and engage health experts and professionals on various health topics and departmental functions. This will be during the RFH Embakasi consultative forum with its stakeholders dubbed the RFH Embakasi open day. Key matters pertaining personal health and … Read more

The Angulia Sub-Tribe

A little-known community that we would refer to as a sub-tribe of the Akamba known as the Angulia are found mainly in Kikumbulyu in Kibwezi District of Makueni County. Kibwezi is a cosmopolitan area that is half-way between Nairobi and Mombasa. Due to its rich soils, people from different parts of Kenya settled there to … Read more

The Akamba community curse

By Dr David Maillu The Akamba community of Kenya occupies the Eastern part of Kenya. It is bracketed by Kenya’s biggest cities, Nairobi and Mombasa. Also it is bracketed by Kenya’s two biggest mountains, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Its population is nearly four million people, bigger than the population of Libya ad slightly less that … Read more

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