Coronavirus is real!

Coronavirus is real

Coronavirus is real and I would like to share a little of my personal experience with COVID-19 and I am sounding the alarm.

Going by our experience in SA , my view is that Kenya is following and is about 2 months behind South Africa.

On May 20th, the Cases in South Africa were about 15000 the same as Kenya today-although these numbers are understated. The South African partied hard to celebrate the return of booze sales. Alcohol has been banned again and we are sitting with 500,000 cases.

The death toll according to Government is 6000 but research groups tell us it’s in excess of 20,000. The hospitals are full, mortuaries are out of capacity and graves are running out. Recently I saw a tender for tomb stones and grave slabs. In slabs you bury bodies on top of the other in the same grave, usually 3 or 4. This may increase if the number of deaths spike up again.

I personally have lost two very close personal friends.Every family in my area is impacted. That’s the picture I have of Kenya in 2 months time. So fellow Kenyans Coronavirus is real and take the warnings seriously.

I have another two very close associates who are down with the Covid. It is sad we cannot visit them in hospital and that is the hardest part with this crisis for families. No visitors are allowed!

Seeing people taking loved ones to hospital and only coming back for a body bag is heart wrenching. There are no visits in between, no progress on status and health care systems have no answers.

In South Africa , we took it easy two months ago. We were cynical, sceptical and complacent. Majority of us thought this was a big joke or a small cold, a little flu.

Coronavirus is real and it is no respector of status. The older you are and if you are a man, the worse it for you.

I personally have had my personal experience and managed to go through it with mild symptoms. Don’t feel sorry for me or for those who got it and recovered. Our fear is for those who we don’t know how their bodies will handle it or react.

There is stigma and a lot of ignorance associated with getting infected. So I have decided to open up and try to encourage those who come after me. I am therefore available to side chat to anyone curious for some tips( my 2 cents worth) out my experience.

Final thought, prepare yourself now!

By Kinyua Gachoka, Patcharian class of 1984

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