Coronavirus FAQ: What Pregnant Women Should Know

Every day, the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing. Most cases are harmless, but there are also risk groups. Pregnant women are not one of them, but questions still arise for many at the moment. If you fall ill with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, doctors speak of the disease Covid-19 (Corona Virus … Read more

Corona crisis in Spain and again its Madrid

There is a Corona crisis in Spain. As in spring, Madrid is again the place in Spain where there are the most new corona infections. Working-class neighborhoods are particularly affected – which is no coincidence. It almost seems as if there is something for free in Madrid – and to a certain extent it is … Read more

Russian corona vaccine registered and not approved?

The Russian corona vaccine was not approved, but only registered, claims the broadcaster “RT Deutsch”. German media reported incorrectly here. The reality is different. The outcry in the German mainstream was great, according to the Russian state broadcaster “RT Deutsch”. The ARD wrote “high-risk experiment”, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” “foamed” against the vaccine propaganda. Russian President … Read more

Corona reality: Why the second wave will not happen

PROF. DR. CURT DIEHM We had already made ourselves comfortable on our sofas in front of the screens. The bad news about the corona crisis was seemingly far away, as was the Syrian war and Arctic ice melt. The horror reports about Corona took place in the distance, in the USA, Brazil, or India. We … Read more

Brazil President Bolsonaro in the polls high despite Coronavirus

Internationally, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is heavily criticized. Also because of his casual approach to the corona pandemic. But the corona crisis in particular has given the head of state better poll results than ever before. At home the Brazil President is polls high despite the Coronavirus These numbers are also somewhat surprising for Brazil’s news … Read more

India turns to prayers as Coronavirus numbers spike up

India has turned to prayers as Coronavirus numbers have gone up. India now reports tens of thousands of new corona cases every day. In many places, there is hardly any medical care. But the government sees itself armed and is relying on a very special “cure”. Every day he is in his little temple and … Read more

Germans against the start of Bundesliga

Most Germans are against the start of the Bundesliga. When asked Does the government further, relax the measures to contain the corona pandemic? Does the Bundesliga kick off this weekend despite the virus? The majority of Germans answered no to both questions in the Germany Trend. More than half of Germans (56 percent) are against … Read more

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