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Community-based Organisations, CBO Mr Tom Aosa

The President of the National Council of Community-based Organisations, CBO Mr Tom Aosa has come out publicly in support of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. In a brief to the media, Mr Aosa wondered why Hon Sonko’s service provision to the residents, who are mostly underprivileged members of the NCCBO who drawn from the slums are being denied services. Mr Aosa questioned why functions meant for the public’s service delivery are being interfered with by the same government that is mandated to feed its own people.
“Where do we run to when our members are sleeping without food? The state must stop fighting the Governor and instead fight poverty and the Covid-19 pandemic that is killing our people. If our the NCCBO’s concerns are not met, we will organise major protests in Nairobi calling for the government’s realision that Sonko is an elected Governor” the statement read.

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