Class War Loading In Kenya

Class War Loading In Kenya

What was a normal day yesterday of meeting up with friends to catch up over late lunch and discuss matters politics as well as make plans for my 2022 bid turned ugly when my friends and I were attacked by a group of people who were seated at a table next to us claiming we were dynasties and harmed us in the process. Here’s what transpired:

I was scheduled to meet a fellow aspirant and friend from Vihiga county to lay down plans and discuss travel itinerary for a project we are supposed launch together this weekend back at Vihiga.

I arrived at the meeting venue Amazon Park, a restaurant located at Kilimani along Menelik Road at about 2 pm. While waiting for my friend to join me, another friend i had been planning to meet this week called to find out where I was and decided to join us.

We chose to sit at a gazebo that was positioned between two gazebos one to the left and another to the right.

Our meeting was progressing well with all manner of topics arising ranging from our political campaign plans, plans to launch the project this weekend and the logistics of the same, business, national politics, BBI, and general catch up talk.

At about 5 pm a group of 3 walked in and occupied the gazebo to our right. We didn’t pay much attention to them and carried on our conversation oblivious of the fact that they were eavesdropping on our discussions.

One of the 3 rose up from his seat and walked to our gazebo angrily shouting at us and and telling us to lower our tones.

We politely asked them to request the waiters to assign them a different table since we had been there longer than them.

He went back to his seat but continued throwing jibes at us, started referring to our friend as a Sudanese refugee who had looted from his country escaped to Kenya and was now medling in our affairs funding politicians using blood money while taking over business opportunities that ideally should be given to “hustlers” like him.

He went further to introduce himself as Kiplagat, a proud kalenjin and referred us as dynasties while threatening us that we would soon know who truly owns Kenya.

At this point we requested to have the management intervene as the situation was speedily escalating and getting out of hand.

The lady in their team joined in on the insults and threats directly addressing me saying “Nyinyi Wakikuyu mmetunyanyasa hapa Kenya roundi hii mtajua hamjui hii sasa ni vita ya sisi ma hustler na nyinyi dynasties na ikibidi damu imwagike itamwagika” at this point realization set in that they had profiled me as a Kikuyu by virtue of my skin tone and general facial features and decided to brand my friend who is Luo as a Sudanese on the same grounds.

The management seemed hesitatant at handling the situation as it later emerged that the three are acquainted with the management/Owner of the joint. In their own words they kept saying “Sisi ni members hapa na hakuna mahali mtatupeleka.”

Our efforts to reach out to police bore no fruits all this while the ultracation kept escalating.

While the management was forcefully evicting them they started throwing glass bottles at us. The first one was a miss. While attempting to get to safety they threw a glass at us that hit my friend on the arm bruising him and landed on my thigh equally cutting through my skin deep.

By the time I noticed that I was bleeding from the cut they had left the premises. We had however captured their car registration number and phone number they used to settle their bill.

We left for kilimani police station where we reported the incident and got an OB number.

I am presently following up on the matter.

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