CJ David Maraga case and the discrimination of women in Africa

CJ David Maraga

There are so many issues that need to be fixed in Africa in General and Kenya specifically, for the region and the country to transform to modernity!.

We have over focussed on political challenges. Today’s drama of a woman wailing outside our courts and accusing our CJ of neglectinrg his parental duties is a pointer of some of the social issues that need to be fixed!

The women have been discriminated for centuries. They are abused, exploited, abandoned, and neglected!. They are abandoned by those who sire kids with them. The women carry the upbringing of parental duty alone!.

Married women are also discriminated, after the passing on of their husbands. The husband’s relatives, storm the home and grab all the properties and the woman is thrown to the streets!. What is worse in some communities, they insist on inheriting her!

Those women who are not married, are discriminated against by their parents and brothers. They are not given their fair of inheritance of the parent’s properties. They are thrown out into the streets. Those who are lucky are given a small place without title to put up a shack. While there they are subjected to persistent harassment.

The women are intimidated, abused, exploited in all spheres. I do not think men would survive if they were to go through what women go through!

I have listened to many harrowing women suffering stories, that traumatized me.

When the women complain or resist, they are attacked by all. Nobody believes them!. What is even more shocking is that fellow women are harsher in attacking her!

In the Political sphere, women are abused by their male colleagues. I remember a case in Meru, where a woman aspirant was attacked and made to feed on feces!. Just the other day another woman was forced to undress by her husband who accused her of having illicit affairs and tortured! Awhile ago a civic leader in Kiambu run over the legs of his wife! Many women have been killed by their husbands!

We adopted the Constitution 2010 that has good provisions that protect both women and children, but the men have been at the forefront trying to undermine those gains!

Are the woman ” children of a lesser God?”

The contributions of women to our families, economy, agriculture, and politics though unrecognizable is fundamental!

I challenge all of us to spend some time and reflect on the contributions of women in our lives. Let us respect women.

By Geoby

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