China has turned to hawking the economic


China has turned to HAWKING ECONOMY to keep its low-skilled citizens at WORK. These people are ingenious, highly versatile, practical, and very very wise.

In fact, Chinese PM Li Keqiang last week during a visit to Shandong province went ahead to say ” street hawkers are the LIFEBLOOD of the country and a key source of employment in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak”.

27 Chinese cities have vowed to support the street economy. Chinese startup & govt is rushing to give them loans, while the biggest search engine there, Baidu is helping to list their goods.

China is the second-biggest economy with a nominal GDP valued at $14.14 TRILLION. Kenya, which has a nominal GDP of about $99 BILLION, far much below China, is still killing hawkers including in counties supposedly ran by people with Post-Doctoral degrees and exposure both in travel & academia.

If it were my wish, I would handover these counties to China to run; they seem to be like a century ahead in ideas & imagination than our local leaders including those who went to Havard.

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