Children’s Show in Denmark Accused of Child Molestation

Child's show in Denmark

The children’s show in Denmark “Ultra Strips Down”, where teenagers are shown naked people for their sexual education, has been accused of child molestation. It has become the subject of discussion in Danish society and in the foreign press.The show has been accused of molestation. After a Danish conservative politician called the show “child molestation”, many media outlets agreed with him, but some experts consider such sex education necessary.

The award-winning Danish Child’s show “Ultra Strips Down”, which can be translated as “The Naked Truth,” aired on Ultra, premiered in its second season. The show has become the reason for public discussion both in Denmark and abroad. It is about child sex education and uses, according to some viewers, very radical methods.

It is criticized for episodes in which people of different ages and physiques are exposed in front of adolescents to demonstrate what a body can be and that you should not be ashamed of it.

After Peter Skaarup, a member of the ultra-right Danish People’s Party, told a local newspaper that the show corrupts children, it attracted foreign media attention. “Children should not be shown male and female genitals,” he said. – It corrupts them. Then creates different thoughts in their heads.”

There is a widespread belief in Danish and Swedish societies that nothing should be hidden from children, and even more so the issues of sexual development that concern many adolescents. In addition, in these countries they calmly relate to the culture of naturism, which implies that in some circumstances and specially designated places it is possible to walk naked. Sometimes they use really radical methods in talking to their children, which may seem inappropriate and even cruel. In 2014, the media heatedly discussed the case at the Copenhagen Zoo. Children were shown euthanasia and an autopsy being administered on a giraffe to show them how the animal could be eaten by a predator.

The broadcast, which became the reason for the discussion, was devoted to adolescence and the accompanying metamorphoses of the body: five adult volunteers appeared naked in front of the students of the Copenhagen Orestad School with their arms crossed behind their backs and answered all the questions that the children had. The parents of the children agreed to their participation in the program. The producers of the show defend their program as promoting body positive.

They add, that they show children how different bodies types, so that the images of the ideal body, which prevail in social networks and in popular culture, do not develop complexes and feelings of inferiority in them.

In addition, people with tattoos, body defects and injuries, as well as people with disabilities appear on the show. They are shown to children to explain what a person with a prosthesis can look like and why they should not be afraid, as well as to answer practical questions that are of interest to children. For example, how to remove a tattoo if desired and how to use a prosthesis, if it interferes with everyday life.

.At the show, children asked adults and deep questions that worry most adolescents when they become aware of their sexuality and inevitably compare their bodies with others: “At what age does hair grow on the lower part of the body ?,“ Are you satisfied with your intimate parts? body? “

One of the adults, named Martin, replied that he never had negative thoughts of this kind. Another man, also named Martin, said he was worried about the size of his genitals as a young man. “However, my attitude towards my own body changed with age,” he said.

Such sex education is only good for adolescents, sexologists believe: the problem is precisely its absence. “And in Norwegian sex education projects, they show real people with their ugly, asymmetrical body parts. This is what really excites teenagers when they anxiously compare themselves with pictures from the media and with each other, thinking that they are some kind of abnormal, – a sexologist and psychotherapist Amina Nazaralieva, co-founder of the Mental Health Center, explained.

Seeing a naked body does not cause trauma in a child. A child should not see his parents naked at the time of their intimacy. There should be certain boundaries in the family between parents and children, there is no need to specifically show porn. “

However, children somehow see naked bodies on the Internet, in biology classes at school and when parents bring them to museums and show them statues. “Better to let them face something real and natural, in a safe environment, being prepared, in a professionally and accurately made transmission,” the sexologist said.

“This is the path that many countries will probably follow within the framework of sex education.” According to Nazaralieva, children very early encounter erotica and pornography on the Internet, and by the time of puberty, most adolescents already have time to study naked bodies in sufficient detail.

The sexologist considers the fact that there is no systemic sexuality education in Russia, rather, a problem. “Usually parents are embarrassed to talk about it, they hope that the child will learn from friends or on the Internet,” Nazaralieva notes. It is important that a child sees different bodies from childhood, with imperfections, the expert believes. “If children are shown imperfection of the body, they understand that this is normal and can accept themselves, even if they do not meet the standards of beauty,” Nazaralieva emphasizes. – And children grow up to be ordinary people, they feel ashamed of their body, they are angry with themselves, think that something is wrong with them, want to change their appearance – this is not good. The more often children see different examples, the more adequately they perceive their body and relate to it more calmly. “

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