Cheating Wives

Cheating wives

A leading Radio station is having an interesting conversation about cheating wives. The host cites the blissful ignorance of men.

I think it is extremely foolish and naive for any married woman to assume that his woman is faithful. Any man must have reasonable doubt about his wife.

Every man must live with the knowledge that his wife can(or WILL cheat) at one time, or so frequently.
Secondly, some researcher a while back proved that women are as promiscuous as men, only that society denied them an equal opportunity.
Cities give us anonymity to do as we please and that is why the true nature of women and human beings is coming in the open.

So, man, live with the knowledge that she can cheat. The most puzzling form of cheating wives, so rampant, yet rarely talked about is when your wife cheats on you because you pissed her off. As in mnakosana kidogo, a mistake totally unrelated to cheating and she goes out there and rides another man like a pony. This is one female logic sijawahi elewa but very common. I will be sharing more about this soon(probably on our exclusively male channel.)

My thoughts on cheating wives.

  1. You will never stop any adult from cheating. For men, you need not to worry if she will cheat. If cheats, drop her and move on. Stop centering your life around your woman. That is the first ingredient of a heartbreak. Let your woman know that you are not afraid of losing her.
  2. For cheating wives, the worst illusion you have is that you are smarter than your man and you will not be caught. The number of women who have been caught in this Nairobi and living in regret is growing. Keep telling yourself all those lies. Men act stupid, but every man is a walking detective.
  3. For men, want to catch your woman, it is simple. Time when you having such a good time, and then tell her you exchange phones for three hours. If she hesitates even for a second, or pulls the ‘you are insecure card”, man, she is cheating, LEAVE.
  4. You probably not the main man in your wife’s life. Her ex or office boyfriend has bigger access to her than you will ever do.
    As someone said, the people we are with or stuck with, always prevent us from being with the love of our lives.
  5. Men always thought they are masters of the game, but shit have seen married women do in Nairobi, makes me wonder why anyone would even want to marry.
    NB: Faithful women, Sina shida na nyinyi. Even cheating women, Sina shida kabisa. Cheat all you want. It is your life, siz.

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